Samsung Tablet in Development, Featuring Multitouch and 3D

December 14, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Samsung have shed some light on their plans for the upcoming year. It seems that one of their primary focuses is the production of a tablet, and they’re experimenting with different styles – from a buttonless multitouch solution, to a more traditional design with a physical keyboard.

Among the features advertised by Samsung are multitouch and 3D support. The good news aren’t over though – Samsung stated that they have solid plans to introduce the 3D and multitouch technologies in their mainstream displays. Also, starting from the middle of 2010, the company will move to a LED backlighting technology for their desktop and laptop monitors – however, we can’t help but think that using OLED would be a much better choice.

There’s still some time until this happens though, so anything is possible – we’re certainly very excited to see the new features implemented in more and more devices produced by the company. We’ll keep you updated with new info on the tablet as it becomes available, so keep an eye out.

[ Via Engadget ]

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