Google Nexus One Android phone to be available online by early 2010

December 13, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Google’s hitherto unnamed Android device now has a name. The new Google phone is expected to be brought to stores as the Nexus One, and will run Android version 2.1.

Expected to feature under its hood software that has hitherto not been unveiled by any of the Android devices, the Nexus One is said to have been designed by Google and is being made by HTC. Now, even though HTC is making it, the mobile device will be a Google brand totally and the company is devising all that would give users an ultimate Google experience.

If you would remember, Google had on Saturday, said that it has given its employees a device to test during the holidays. This is in fact the Nexus One , which the search giant will bring to its online stores by the beginning of 2010.

So by early next year, you will have the Nexus One to pick from Google online. Interestingly, the device would come unlocked. Google has preferred to it that way because it wants to give you the option of choosing your own carrier. We are now waiting for the specifications on price and whether it would come as a CDMA-based phone or a GSM-based device.

(Via Information Week)

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