VIA releases low-power VN1000 chipset with DX10.1 and Blu-Ray support

December 11, 2009, By Thomas Antony

In the recent weeks, we have seen a lot of netbooks, ultraportables and all-in-one PCs released based either on Intel’s CULV and Atom processors or AMD’s Neo platform. VIA, is a much smaller CPU manufacturer with a smaller line of products, but still does do some pretty innovative stuff especially in the realm of low-power computing.

VIA VN1000

There latest contribution to the scene is their new VN1000 chipset. It is specially designed for Windows-7 all-in-one PCs and other such low-end systems on a budget with some additional multimedia functionality.

More details below.

Most of the netbooks and other such low-end systems available today may be portable, low-power, but mostly lacks multimedia clout. Sure, some of the more recent models pack support for 1080p HD output, but they do end up costing more. VIA’s new VN1000 brings some of these neat features into budget systems. The chipset is made to support VIA’s own x86-compatible Nano, C7, C7-M and Eden processors and supports upto 16GB DDR3 memory. For storage, it supports upto four SATA II drives, a multi-card reader. For addons, you can have upto five PCI slots and 12 USB 2.0 ports.

The biggest thing about this chipset is its integrated Chrome 520 GPU, which is apparently powerful enough to support the DirectX 10.1 standard as well as Blu-Ray playback. Along with this, for more grpahics horsepower you get one PCI Express II x8 slot as well as four x1 lane slots.

VIA maybe the underdog in this field ruled by giants like Intel, but they are surely bringing some innovative stuff to the market.

VIA VN1000 diagram

Source: HotHardware via Engadget

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