Projectiondesign F35 WQXGA can project 65-ft images

December 11, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Movie maniacs now have a reason to feel elated. Projectiondesign has introduced to the market its new F35 WQXGA projector which is said to boast of capabilities such as making your living room a drive-in cinema. Wonder why we say that? The new F35 WQXGA can project a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution image up to a massive 65-ft width.

The Projectiondesign’s F35 WQXGA projector is interestingly 376 x 510 x 233mm in size. But then, it is one innovation that you, as film buff, would want to fall in love with. Performance grades up to new highs, thanks to the presence of high performance optics and lenses.  Projectiondesign has said that these lenses use aspherical glass elements and enhanced low dispersion glass. These features make sure that they provide for increased contrast, better color saturation and ultimately sharp images on your wide screen. An 8,000:1 contrast ratio, 6,500 lumens brightness and 3D stereo compatibility are prominent features.

The unit supporting 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p and 1080i/p resolutions.  Projectiondesign has also thrown in high-speed frame rates for reduction of motion artifacts. Another charming addition is the Smear Reduction Processing aspect which helps to do away with image smear.

In short, it has all in it to make you think of redoing your movie viewing chamber in your apartment. But then, Projectiondesign has said that the new F35 WQXGA unit has been designed and is hitting the market aimed at only commercial users. We haven’t been able to find out what price tag the maker would attach to the unit.

(Via Gizmag)

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