PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.15 Now Available

December 10, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Just two days ago, Sony revealed an upcoming update for the PS3’s firmware, which will add support for PSP “mini” games. The update has now been released, and is available to all console owners. It’s optional though, so if you decide you don’t need the functionality, you can just skip it.

The main improvement in this update is the ability of the PS3 to play “minis”, small games which were previously available for the PSP only. However, despite the fact that the PS3 now supports those titles, the games themselves haven’t been updated to be playable on the PS3 emulator – so you’ll still have to wait. Sony have stated that a large portion of the games will be updated starting December 17.

Another change introduced in the new update was an improved transferring functionality between PS3 consoles. You can now more easily transfer your data from one console to another, with the transfer manager automatically deleting bought games and media on the original console, while retaining user-uploaded media such as photos and music.

[ Via ShackNews ]

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