Asus Eee Pad tablet device said to be in the making

December 10, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

asus eee-pad

If Apple is up to doing it, why can’t Asus? The latest picture on the tablet horizon is such that everyone is looking at doing something out there. Asus has joined the fray, and is said to be fast making a tablet device that will most likely be called the Eee Pad.

The news comes close on the heels of web pages being spent on the impending arrival of the Apple tablet. Reports continuing to occupy Web space say that the Apple tablet would go in for mass production by February 2010, and would likely be launched in the market place before April in the new year.

Meanwhile, with these Apple reports and rumors pouring in, speculations are that Asus is fast readying its tablet. From what we gather, the Asus tablet would be between 4 inches to 7 inches in size and would be a charmer in a small sized package. Not many details are currently available, though industry watchers want us to believe that the Asus tablet is on its way.

What we wait for now is some kind of confirmation from the Asus top office. And yes, we would like to keep our fingers crossed to know what price tag will come with the Asus tablet device. Hope Asus is not up to doing an Apple on the pricing front.

(Via ProductReviews)

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