Olympus E-P2 starts shipping to stores, sans fanfare

December 9, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


It has been an oh-so quiet affair, and we wonder why. We see no reason as to why Olympus has resorted to do a silent roll out of its cool E-P2 towards the shipping counters. OK, in case you too didn’t know, Olympus has begun shipping of its much-anticipated E-P2 camera without none too many aware that it is really happening.

The camera, which is available on Amazon for a price of $1,099 along with a VF-2 viewfinder, is a Micro Four Thirds camera  believed to be a strategic take off from its earlier E-P1 model. Significantly, the camera manufacturer has gone in for a variety of improvements. From what we know, the cool camera which has begun shipping to stores is a charmer of the first order and will lure you to lay your hands on it. Meanwhile, it is being said that Olympus has kept pricing the same for both a 14-42mm version and a 17mm pancake lens version. However, the stores now sell only the 14-42mm kit as the other is out of stock.

Among the spruced up features, the Olympus E-P2 brings with it continuous auto focus, aperture and shutter control in 720p movie recording. Besides, it boasts of new software filters and many other features. The VF-2 viewfinder is elaborate. The camera also supports option for a stereo microphone adapter.

Maybe, Olympus wanted the start of shipping to be silent affair. But then those who had been looking forward to pick the E-P2 have started rushing to stores already.

(Via Amazon)

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