Apple 10.1-inch tablet set for mass output in February; Kindle to have a rival

December 9, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Going by a research report that has just made its appearance, Apple would be bringing to the public domain its much-anticipated tablet device. The multi-touch LCD device, all of 10.1 inches, is expected to go into mass production by February 2010.

Likely to fall in against the Amazon Kindle, it is most probably the start of a new rivalry we are set to see. For, from what we learn, the Apple tablet would come with all features that would have the might to destabilize the Kindle’s promise. Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner in his research has stated that the production of the Apple tablet would most likely run to as many as 1 million every month. According to Reiner, if the device is priced around $1,000, chances are that Apple might sell close to 1.5 million tablets quarter after quarter. Significantly enough, Apple has not bothered to utter a word in response to Reiner’s report.

It has also been pointed out that Apple would even want to poke Amazon’s Kindle store by offering more luring deals. Reiner speculates that Apple is offering publishers a 30:70 revenue split on ebook profits, where publishers can take the major share. If this is true, Apple could have much leeway into the ebook mart, as Amazon offers publishers a 50:50 split. It seems like there’s a battle brewing out there in the ebook domain.

(Via Apple Insider)

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