JooJoo, Fusion Garage’s version of CrunchPad, to debut on December 11

December 7, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Remember Michael Arrington’s attempt at CrunchPad, which subsequently got aborted? Fusion Garage has now done that and it seems a successful bid. The new Internet pad that has been showcased by Fusion Garage is called the JooJoo and has the capability to boot up in 9 seconds.

To be made available for a cool $500, the JooJoo has the Internet as its app. With a boot up time of an amazing 9 seconds, it, in fact, throws to the wind all earlier belief that it would take at least 30 seconds or even 2 minutes. Fusion Garage plans to bring the JooJoo Internet tablet for sale online beginning December 11. The date is not far off.

To come with a 12.1 inch touchscreen, which is capable of displaying rich Internet content, the device will also stream HD video. Fusion garage has also incorporated a user interface, which it calls revolutionary. It comes with no pre-loaded apps whatsoever. Support for slide gestures, scrolling, e-books, digital newspapers and playback are the other capabilities it offers.

What we find interesting is that the JooJoo is a Net pad that has no physical buttons. The only button you might see is the on and off switch. Worth a try, we guess.

(Via TGDaily)

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