Both Droids to get Android 2.1 on January 22nd

December 7, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Droids to get Android 2.1 update

While this does come in the category of vague rumors, but we have it from Verizon that the HTC Droid Eris will get an updated to a “newer Android” in Q1 2010. In another possible “leak”, phoneArena says that according to their sources, the Verizon DROID will get the Android 2.0.1 update on December 11th and both the Droid will get updated to Android 2.1 on January 22nd.

Now for those of you who had picked up the Hero when it came out and didn’t care to spend more on the recent new Android phones may also be in luck. The Droid Eris is essentially a polished and newer version of the HTC Hero with the same underlying hardware and software. HTC had promised Android 2.0 updates to HTC Hero but there is still no definite time-frame known.

Of course, for those of you adventurous enough, can flash a leaked version of the Android 2.1 ROM capable of running on Hero from the guys at XDA-Developers. There are also some guys over there who managed to run the ROM on the old but solid HTC Dream/G1.

The Droid Eris is in fact one of the cheapest Android phones out there, and the combination of the new operating system along with the HTC Sense UI should make it a great bang-for-buck phone.

[Via SlashGear]

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