BlackBerry Tour2 (Essex) smartphone, labeled 9650, now on eBay

December 7, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

blackBerryTour2eBay is now featuring the brand new BlackBerry Tour, or the Tour2 as it is called now. The handheld that had been generating much interest even before unveiling, has got a new number too with the company officially labeling it as the 9650.   

Also, known as the Essex, the upcoming smartphone has made its debut on eBay. The one on the online store is a pre-release model and runs on the BlackBerry OS v5.0. What we hear is that the bidding has shot past the $1,400 on eBay. We are yet to know the retail price as such specifications haven’t yet been let out by the maker. The debut on eBay comes as a pleasant bit of news as no detail on the official launch of the 9650 has been made public as yet. From what we get to gather, it might get set for a launch during the spring of 2010. But there hasn’t been any confirmation yet.

The 9650 model now featuring on eBay has under its hood almost all what the earlier BlackBerry Tour had offered. But then, this being Tour2, it needs to have something as plus. We are told the 9650 on the online store comes with an addition of Wi-Fi connectivity and an optical trackpad that boasts of powers to sweep away hassles regarding reliability that the earlier Tour’s trackball had suffered from. Let’s wait for more on Tour2.

(Via PhoneArena)

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