Motorola Opus One Android smartphone gets set for Sprint iDEN network

December 6, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Hey, we just got info that Motorola is fast lining up its first Android handset for Sprint. Going by a couple of leaked images, it seems like what we hear is right. Motorola might confirm the news soon, but how soon is not our guess. What we know now is that the Motorola Android device would hop on to the Sprint iDEN network as soon as it arrives.

Though not many details are available other than a few images, we infer that the new Android handset from Motorola would be a push-to-talk phone. Code named Opus One, the forthcoming Android handset would most probably be one of Sprint iDEN network’s rare smartphone presence.

Expected to debut as a touch-screen driven device sans a keyboard, the Motorola Opus One Android smartphone would boast of a direction pad. We would have liked to get some more hands on info on this handset, but then Motorola has preferred a disciplined silence. We just hope the Motorola Opus One would be showcased by at CES in January, Mobile World Congress in February or at least CTIA in March. Till then we might have to just look at pictures that leak and wait for the real thing to arrive.  Here’s one more picture.Motorola-Opus-One_1

(Via Boygeniusreport)

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