Google opens up personalized search to even those who haven’t signed in

December 6, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Google has thrown privacy out of the window and made personalized search results available to all users. This comes as shift in strategy from the Google stables as it had hitherto been allowing access to personalized search results only to those who are signed in.

With such a move, Google is likely to be at the receiving end of privacy watchdogs’ anger. It seems to be least concerned, though. Privacy watchdogs are already of the opinion that Google has been taking too many liberties with users’ info.

Now, what do we get from Google’s new move? As we all know and have experienced, personalized results were earlier accessible only to those who were signed into their Google account and had allowed Google to track their Web history. Now with the new strategy, Google will offer personalized results to users irrespective of the fact that they are signed in or not.

Even as you search, the search major will customize your search options and results based on the info linked to your computer. It will also keep on store any signed-out search activity linked to the browser’s cookie up to 180 days from the day of search.

However, the general talk is that with Google now tracking users of search who haven’t logged in to a Google account, the search major might be just wiping out a privacy safeguard. It remains to be seen what the privacy watchdogs have up their sleeve now.

(Via GoogleBlog)

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