Sony PSP Minis heading for Playstation 3, so say the rumors

December 4, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


If you are a PSP Minis fan, this piece of news might make you feel elated.  The gaming circles are rife with rumors that the service might soon be heading for Playstation 3. What we get to gather is that this could happen even before Christmas sets in.

Sony had unveiled its PSP Minis digital platform simultaneously with the PSP Go back as recently as October.  If the current rumors turn out to be right, it is expected that the entire selection of Minis plus the forthcoming releases, will be available on the PlayStation 3 consoles.

This move, if its true, comes as a shift in strategy from Sony. It is a known fact the gaming major had showed only a faint interest in promoting the Minis. The bite-sized game service had got a good chunk of games when it launched but ever since we haven’t seen much happening on that front. Now wih rumors flying thick about the Minis travel to Playstation 3, we expect things to hot up at a later stage.

We are just waiting for the Christmas season to gain momentum so that Sony might also come up with an announcement regarding this move. So wonder what Sony thinks about the rumors? We just tried to find out if the gaming major said something. News is that Sony has opined that it doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation. Lets wait to know if the grapevine is right.

(Via Joystiq)

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