Sony 3D cameras to play ball at FIFA World Cup finals

December 4, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


The FIFA World Cup, this time around, will have something more exciting than just the stunning bicycle kicks. For, Sony is gearing up to catch all the action and deliver the images in 3D format with its 3D cameras that would be placed at the stadium when the finals of the world’s most watched event get underway in South Africa in 2010.

Significantly, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals would be the first to see the Sony 3D cameras in action. We get to hear that up to 25 of the games will be captured using 3D cameras. Sony intends to record the matches using its pro-level cameras and then the 3D footage will be made public most probably to 3D Blu-ray players, TVs and the Playstation 3. The World Cup begins on the 11 June 2010. It is expected viewers would have to wear special polarized glasses to view the matches in 3D format.

Sony will be packaging the footage into a film and then would exhibit the 3D images at public events in seven cities around the world. Doesn’t that sound interesting? It is, however, going to take a little more time when Sony would be able to show live 3D images of the matches. We are, in the meantime, waiting to know what kind of Sony technology would be deployed in the 3D cameras when the 2010 finals get underway.

(Via BBCNews)

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