Planar Runco Q-750i and Q-750d Projectors pack LED lighting – but with 5-figure pricetags

December 4, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Most projectors you see nowadays have a conventional halogen incandescent lamp in them ( that is the fancy name for a light bulb ). Now they may be damn bright but they also big on power consumption, using a large part of the power supplied just for heating up. LED lighting is being promoted as the savior in this scenario and is already becoming popular in several applications.

Planar Runco Q-750i and Q-750d

Planar Systems have announced their new Q-750i and Q-750d projectors which will have LED lighting in them. This gives multiple advantages. For one, the power consumption is said to be up to 70% lesser than their halogen-bulb counterparts. LEDs are also supposed to offer better contrast. All this comes at a price though, with the Q-750i priced at $14,995 and the Q-750d at $17,995.

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By swapping out traditional lamps in favor of LED light sources, the projectors are able to give contrast ratios as high as infinity:1 according to the manufacturer. But the LEDs are not as bright as the other projectors in the same price band with a brightness of 700 ANSI lumens. Both the projectors support Full HD 1080p resolution and has inputs in the forms of HDMI, RS-232 along with Composite, S-Video and more.

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