Fujitsu Reveals the LifeBook UH900 Shiny Multitouch UMPC/MID

December 4, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


There’s nothing to indicate that the UH900 is not a smartphone or anything near a handheld device – but it’s actually a really small laptop that runs Windows 7. It looks like Fujitsu have taken the concept of mini netbooks really far with this 5.6″ computer sporting a Atom Z530 processor, 62GB SSD for storage, as well as full Wi-Fi support.

Right now, this is probably the world’s smallest multitouch PC, surpassing even the VAIO P in that category. While the benefits of the innovation are obvious, it comes at its price. The battery doesn’t have a large capacity, and the Z530 isn’t exactly a power-cheap processor – so expect to carry a charger around, as the netbook’s battery life is predicted to be around three hours.

This can be a serious disadvantage to some, but on the other hand, the computer will also be great for some purposes. We’ll see how well it performs on the market – which should happen somewhere around January for the most basic version, with the more advanced ones coming out after that.

[ Via Engadget ]

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