Sneak Preview of Nokia’s New and Improved Symbian Interface

December 3, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Nokia promised a complete refinement of the experience provided by their Symbian-powered phones recently. Nokia seem to have realized that Symbian OS by itself is not a bad choice for an operating system at all – it’s just its user interface which makes things complicated. We can’t help but agree with that statement, and looking at what Nokia have done to Symbian’s user interface, we can’t wait.

Some of Nokia’s 2010 models will feature multitouch support on large capacitive displays. Everything will be simplified, and most actions will take twice as little time to perform – in some cases even less. For example, where it used to take 8 steps to reach your favorite music or video piece, now it will only take 2. Setting up an e-mail account is also done in just 2 steps, as opposed to the 4 required before.

The browser has been improved, and more than 350 of Symbian’s notoriously annoying prompt messages will be completely removed. Rendering has been sped up dramatically – the UI will be drawn at least 3 times faster than currently, being able to render scrolling menus at a stunning 60 frames per second, 4 times faster than the current 15.

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