More details come out on Intel’s upcoming PineTrail platform – 20% less power consumption

December 3, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Intel Atom Pine Trail

Intel’s PineTrail platform is their next generation mobile chipset and platform for upcoming low-power netbooks and such mobile devices. Intel’s Atom and CULV processors already dominate much of the netbook and ultraportable market and the PineTrail platform, packed with next gen Atom processors, will be smaller, more efficient and cheaper to produce.

Intel plants to launch the new platforms for 2010 and beyond in Q1 2010 and they will be significantly smaller as Intel will be going from 3 chips ( CPU, NorthBridge and SouthBridge ) to 2 chips ( CPU, SouthBridge ). They have managed to reduce its footprint by almost 64 percent. One measurement with the Mobile MArk 05 office productivity software, the Pine Trail-M platform was found to use 20% lesser power which translates to more battery time. The use of a four-layer PCB will help further reduce the cost of manufacturing.

This of course doesn’t mean the platform, and in turn the netbooks will be priced cheaper in 2010. They should be priced at roughly the same level as the existing models. Some netbook models powered by these chips are sure to be on display by CES 2010.

Source : FudZilla

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