LG debuts first commercially viable 3D 1080p LCD

December 3, 2009, By Thomas Antony

After plasmas and big screen Full-HD LCDs, 3D is the next big thing the in the consumer electronics market, or more specifically, in the case of televisions. A few electronics giants such as Samsung and Sony have already introduced giant 3D displays that sit pretty at expos but none has been available on the market yet.

LG 3D LM230WF4

Now LG has shown off what is being called as the first “commercially available” 3D displays with their new 23” LM230WF4 3D 1080p LCD display. More details below.

The display will offer stereoscopic depth using LCD shutter glasses which rapidly close and upon in sync with the frames shown on screen, so that slightly different images get delivered to the left and right eyes, resulting in perception of depth.  LG’s display will make use of its high-performance 3D controller and copper bus line to provide ultra-sharp picture quality. And when you lack any 3D sources, it can still act as a “traditional” 2D FullHD display. The LCD is specced with a brightness of 400 cd/m2 and a 1000:1 contrast ration with 3ms response time.

3D terrestrial broadcasting will be offered by Korean Communications Commission starting in the second half of 2010. Similar test runs are also scheduled to start in Japan and the UK. After all that show off however, LG still hasn’t indicated anything about the price or release date of the LM230WF4.

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