T-Mobile Next in Line to Sell the iPhone, Apple Ignoring Verizon?

December 2, 2009, By Alex Ion

T-Mobile iPhone

Speculation is mounting regarding the iPhone availability on other networks in the US and if rumors turn out to be true, next in line, T-Mobile is supposedly expected to carry a GSM version of the iPhone sometime next year.

Although no longer news, iPhone exclusivities are slowly coming to an end, with markets like the UK and France proving that Apple sells more units when more carriers get their hands on the smartphone, but weird thing, in the US it’s only AT&T who’re actually selling one. However, with the AT&T exclusivity coming to an end, sometime soon, it looks like T-Mobile USA is rumored to be the second arm to Apple’s US iPhone distribution.

More interesting, there’s also Verizon Wireless in line to carry the iPhone, and having 71 million customers, double than T-Mobile, wouldn’t it be more “appropriate” for the iPhone to reach Verizon first, instead of T-Mobile?

On top of these all, a Qualcomm-powered iPhone is in the works is supposedly releasing next year and would be compatible with both AT&T and Big Red.

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