New SDXC Memory Card standard to bring in upto 2TB of portable storage with 300MBps speeds

December 2, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Ever since its development almost 8-9 years ago, Secure Digital memory cards have grown to be one of the most popular forms of storage in consumer electronics devices. Gadgets ranging from digital cameras to ebook readers use some variant of SD card for data storage.

Pretec SDXC

The original SD specification allowed storage sizes of upto 4GB. The SDHC ( High Capacity ) standard which came later, increased this limit to 32GB, even though theoretically its data structures should allow capacities upto 2TB. The SDXC ( eXtended Capacity ) standard was announced at the 2009 CES which officially supports upto 2TB capacities.

SDXC, unlike SDHC, will use Microsoft’s exFAT filesystem rather than the FAT32 filesystem, which has a filesize limit of 4GB. This will facilitate the storage of large files without the extra write-overhead required by journaling filesystems such as NTFS. The SDXC cards are expected to have transfer rates of 104 megabytes per second at the beginning and ramping up to 300MBps later down the line. Thats almost 35 times faster than the fastest existing SD cards ( around 8 MB/s ).

The actual scheme of data transfer will also be changing from parallel to serial with an unspecified number of pins to assist the increase in speed. It is also known that the card size and form factor will remain the same and it will also offer backwards compatibility with older readers. More details will possibly come out at the next CES.

SDXC Specs

Source : Tech-On via Engadget

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