ASUS Eee PC Seashell 2 to Feature Removable Battery and a Pink Design

December 2, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


ASUS have been experimenting with different visual styles for their Seashell line of portable computers lately, but what was just revealed came as quite a shock to most of their fans. The Eee PC 1008P, branded the Seashell 2 was supposed to be revealed at CES, but HardwareZone staff have managed to get their hands on some photos showing the laptop.

The hardware powering the Seashell 2 comprises of a Inetl N450 processor, 1 GB of RAM (which is pretty much the norm with the Eee PC), and a 160 GB hard disk drive. The stylish exterior is not the only thing new about the Eee PC’s design – there’s now also a removable battery slot. The laptop seems to use a mini-USB adapter to provide the VGA port, and the rest of the ports are covered by small doors.

Information about the Seashell 2 is still scarce, but that should change pretty soon with ASUS revealing more about the model. One thing is for certain, it should cause a pretty big reaction from the community – whether it will be a positive or negative one is still to be seen. Stay tuned for more information about the Seashell 2.

[ Via Engadget ]

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