You Booze, You Looze iPhone App Keeps an Eye on Your Drinking Habits

December 1, 2009, By Alex Ion


Are you among those who wouldn’t say no to a beer now and then, some quality whisky, your favorite rum or a good cocktail while relaxing on the beach, then you should know that a new fun, social app has been released to keep tabs on what you drink. Dubbed You Booze, You Looze, and created by the good folks from Digital Goldfish — who’ve been behind the hugely successful Bloons, one of Apple’s all-time top 30 games — the new application offers a health and wealth impact of your drinking habits, and gets the convo started for those who’d like to brag about their consumption in an informed way.

The new You Booze, You Looze application allows you to store individual profiles and to update them with personal details that help calculate how much “fun” is being had on a night. For that it comes with a virtual bar that keeps an eye on how many and what kind of drinks you and your group of friends had, the number of calories consumed and a running total of what you guys had.




But probably the most interesting feature of the You Booze, You Looze application is the fact that you can be challenged to take sobriety tests that will identify your co-ordination levels, concentration, balance and reaction times, and connects the results to your Facebook account for other to see what a drinking monster you are. Among the tests you’ll have to take, you gotta touch your nose, walk straight in front of a cop, balance on one leg or count backwords.


You Booze You Looze takes the innovative Apple platform and a fun approach to get Brits thinking about their drinking.  By providing a real insight into actual consumption, it aims to raise awareness of potential alcohol harm by putting it at the heart of conversations between friends and colleagues.

There’s no point in finger wagging about alcohol consumption. We all drink more than we should, especially during the Christmas period. Simply by totting up those units and calories with this new app, and sharing information with friends, people are more likely to figure things out for themselves,” said David Hamilton, one of the duo behind Digital Goldfish.


You Booze You Looze is now available on the iPhone App Store and costs only 59p.

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