New HTC Android phone leaked – HTC Touch.B AKA HTC Rome

December 1, 2009, By Thomas Antony

HTC been the pioneers in the android phone area by being the manufacturer of the T-mobile G1 AKA HTC Dream as well as the HTC Magic and HTC Hero. Recently the android spotlight has been stolen by new players in the arena like Motorola with its Droid.

HTC Rome

Now some live shots of a new HTC smartphone has leaked, and supposedly it is the rumoured “HTC Rome”. They are calling it the HTC Touch.B right now, and it runs Android. according to MobiFrance, who somehow got hold of the pictures, at least in looks, it is very similar to the HTC Touch2 which runs on WinMo.

There is nothing known in terms of specs of the device but some things can be guessed from what can be seen from the photos. Rather than being a new design, it could be a refresh of the HTC Tattoo, the company’s entry-level Android smartphone. The photos do  show a camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack and an ExtUSB port.

According to MobiFrance, more details are expected to come to light tomorrow.

Source : MobiFrance Via UnwiredView

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