LG Arena Max to come soon, with good looks and a 12 MP camera

December 1, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


LG Arena Max might be giving Android the miss, but it still looks stunning. The handset will soon arrive at LG stores and going by the images we have seen, the phone looks a charmer.

The LG Arena Max is really maximum when it comes to the display. If you look at it, the 5-inch display is indeed really large. It looks as big as a PC tablet and absolutely impresses with an amazing down speed. LG tells the world that the device would boast of 10Mbps download speed. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

The phone is now ready for the market, with Wi-Fi certification cleared. Though not many specifications have been let out, we hear the LG Arena Max would come with a 12 mega pixel camera. The 12 mega pixel spec gives us the goose bumps as the number gives the LG Arena Max, code named LU9400, all that needs to help it stay above its cotemporaries. As you know most of the phones we see today come with 10 mega pixel cameras.

From the looks of it, this handset has something luring about it. We are now just waiting to hear from LG as to when the company would roll out the model to stores. We are going for it, for sure.

(Via TechRadar)

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