iPhone 3GS Supreme rich in gold and diamonds, carries £1.92-million price tag

November 28, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Would you buy an iPhone that carries a price tag of £1.92 million? We know that’s no million-dollar question, but we are sure you have started wondering if such a phone exists at all. It does exist, in fact, it has debuted aiming at the real rich and the famous.

The iPhone has been named iPhone 3GS Supreme. Goldstriker International has lifted the wraps off the world’s most expensive iPhone for the price of £1.92 million. The UK, Liverpool-based company, as we all know, is one which is into all kinds of customization of top-end luxury gadgets. The new £1.92 million is just the latest. This super expensive iPhone is believed to have been commissioned to be designed with such opulence by a super rich gold mine big shot from Australia.

The super expensive iPhone has 271 grams of 22 carat solid gold, plus 136 diamonds worth 68 carat in the front. Goldstriker International has spruced up the Apple logo on the back of the phone by adding solid gold lined with 53 diamonds. Nestled in a solid granite chest that weighs 7 kg, the custom made iPhone comes with Kashmir gold and Nubeck leather inner lining. That is not all. The maker has sprinkled the navigation button with rare 7.1 carat diamonds. No wonder it costs that much, right?

(Via PocketLint)

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