Modern Warfare 2 DLC To Be Released This Spring

November 26, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Modern Warfare 2, one of the hit titles in the first person shooter genre, is probably going to receive a massive content update sometime around the spring, according to Infinity Ward, the game’s developers. The game is currently bustling with players, and has overtaken many games in terms of player counts. The game’s popularity is still on the rise, and this can be attributed to many factors.

Modern Warfare 2 introduced a new method of organizing multiplayer matches, one that makes it more convenient for the simple player to find a game and hop in the action, without having to go through complex set-up procedures and even getting his own server up and running. While the initial public reaction to this was short of a backlash, things have settled down lately and players seem to be enjoying the game a lot.

And to add to all of the fun, a DLC package is being developed and is scheduled for release sometime during the spring season – precise dates are yet to be announced, though knowing Infinity Ward, it may take a while to see this on the market. But then again, with the amount of content the game currently has, we can wait.

Source: VideoGamer

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