Motorola Milestone Pre-Orders Available in the UK, Priced at £439

November 25, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


The Motorola Milestone is already being put up for pre-orders in some retailers in the UK. The device, which will be the non-Verizon version of the Motorola Droid, is a high-end phone supposed to come out soon.

The phone should be out on the 7th December at the price of £439 – considering its capabilities, this seems like a rather low price, but maybe it has to do with the pre-order status of the device. There are no contract-related locks on the phone and it’s not tied to a SIM card. The website also offers a next-day delivery for an added £7.99.

It’s not currently known in what other countries the phone will be available, but considering that Germany’s O2 recently introduced the Milestone, this raises the question of whether or not they’ll offer it in the other countries where they operate. It’s a thin line of hope and we can only wait and see right now – hopefully, the device will be made available in many locations around the world, as Motorola have answered when questioned about their intentions.

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