BMW EfficientDynamics Vision concept hybrid car on show at Los Angeles Auto Show next week

November 25, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


BMW will have the wraps lifted off its new EfficientDynamics Vision concept hybrid car at the Los Angeles Auto Show that gets underway next week. As the picture alongside shows, the new concept is expected to be a charmer and would boast of amazing fuel efficiency and incredible performance. We will have to wait for details on the pricing as this is just the concept in the works.

We get to know that the Vision would come powered by a three-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, lithium polymer batteries, and electric motors front and rear. Alterations might come in as the ca goes from concept to building stage, but we expect the sensational looks to stay on.

BMW is in fact attempting to build a car that would be as quick as its own V8 M3. In the process, BMW might add a bit of focus on making it more eco-friendly. Details let out for the present go thus: The total output from the engine and electric motors would be 356hp, while peak torque would border on 590 foot-pounds. The car would take just 4.8 seconds to race to a speed of 62 mph, with the top speed to touch 155 mph.

Conceived as an incredibly fuel efficient machine, average fuel consumption could be around 3.76 liters per 100 km. CO2 emissions of 99 grams a kilometer would most likely be the standard.

On an all electric mode, the BMW EfficientDynamics Vision would return 31 miles. This, in effect, means that the electric motors would come as astoundingly efficient and it is expected that the effective energy cost would be less than half that of diesel or gasoline fuel. The battery pack would boast of 98 lithium-polymer cells that are capable of returning 30 amp/hours at 3.7 volts. Meanwhile, the three-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine alone would produce 163 hp. The electric motor would sit between the diesel engine and transmission and is capable of running on its own, without the combustion engine, making the Vision an active hybrid. BMW has said that the second motor, meanwhile, would power  the front axle.

Significant is the fact that the two motors are also capable of acting as brakes to regenerate power into the lithium polymer battery pack that runs in a tunnel along the floor. BMW is supposedly placing the fuel for the diesel engine in the rear of the tunnel. From what we learn, the BMW EfficientDynamics Vision concept would bring together the best of all worlds. We look forward to the building stage now.

(Via PCMag)

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