Macs Using Core i7 Dying Unexpectedly

November 24, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


A worrying tidlewave of reports about brand new Macs arriving completely dead is taking over Apple’s forums right now. Users report two most commonly occurring problems – the Macs are either received with a cracked screen, or completely dysfunctional. The problems seem to be affecting just the computers from Apple’s newest iMac model.

The current speculations are pointing at improper packaging as the most likely cause of the accidents – the new Macs boast giant 27-inch screens, as you may know, and this may have presented some difficulties to the shipping companies looking to deliver them.

Fortunately, Apple have taken the matter seriously as they usually do, and are working around the clock to issue repairs and compensations for those affected. Still, it’s a sign that should worry those looking to buy a Mac right now – the best course of action would be to probably wait for all this to settle down, so you can find out what was wrong in the first place.

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