HTC HD2 Can Actually Use WiFi N With A Small Tweak

November 24, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


The HTC HD2 is already generating a lot of hype and has become the prime talk of the Internet recently. And just now, the people at xda-developers have discovered that the device is actually capable of utilizing 802.11n networks, after just one tiny tweak to its registry.

Be warned however, users who’ve done this are reporting a highly increased rate of battery consumption. Logic tells us that this is probably what caused HTC to disable this functionality in the first place. However, we’re sure that a lot of you will not find the extra recharging times a problem when you’re given the option to finally surf high-speed on your HD2. This may actually be a necessity to Europeans traveling to the US, where 3G is not an option.

To make use of the high-speed connection, just go to your phone’s registry and navigate to HKLMCommBCMSDDHD1Parms. You should see a key called “11nModeDisable” with the value 1 – set it to 0 and it should be all set. Remember though, any modifications to your phone’s registry can potentially brick it, so you should take caution as usual.

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