Motorola Milestone comes to Vodafone Germany

November 20, 2009, By Thomas Antony

In case you missed all the recent hype, Motorola Droid is Verizon’s latest BIG thing in the smartphone arena. Motorola Milestone, the Euro version of Droid. The Milestone is still yet to release in UK and in majority of Europe but German buyers now have two choices of carriers from which to get the Android 2.0 handset.

Vodafone Milestone

The Milestone had initially appeared on O2 Germany and now Vodafone Germany is also offering the handset at €99 ( $148 ) when you buy a new contract with it. And you don’t want to be stuck with either of the carriers, you can also get a sim-free version of the Motorola Milestone for €499.90 ($746).

There are only a few differences between the American Droid and the Milestone across the pond. Droid’s CDMA EVDO Rev. A connection has been changed to an HSDPA module. Also in the package is an 8Gb microSD card and a 1400 mAh battery. A new addition on the Vodafone Germany version would be a free wired hands-free kit along with the phone. And if you hurry up, Vodafone is also offering a free multimedia station to the first 1000 people to buy the Motorola Milestone.

Via SlashGear

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