Sony rumored to be in talks with Mozilla to bring Firefox to PS3

November 19, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


For all you PS3 owners who have been finding it tough to put up with mediocrity, here’s good news. We have been told that Sony is all set to dump the built-in web browser that came along with PS3 and bring in Firefox.
Sony is rumored to be in parleys with Mozilla for such an arrangement to take effect. The grapevine has it that Mozilla might chip in with Firefox help in Sony’s quest to be a flawless gaming major.
Though no deal has been made effective in this regard as yet, the gaming scene is abuzz with talks of Firefox being ushered into PS3. The not so reliable browser that is currently incorporated inside PS3 has been such a pain for gamers that they hope that rumors turn real soon. IF Sony convinces Mozilla to bring in Firefox to PS3, the game console might receive a well deserved shot in the arm in its quest to rule over Xbox and the like. Internet functionality is expected to get the thumbs up if the Firefox plan takes effect.
There have been a slew of complaints about the lack of reliability with the current built-in PS3 web browser. If the talks are real and if both the companies agree, PS3 owners are in for a better game.
(Via TGDaily)

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