Sony PS3 update might integrate Facebook; so say the leaked images

November 13, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If the rumors that fly around us are to be believed, you will soon be able to manage your Facebook in your PlayStation Network account settings.


We have been able to lay our hands on a couple of leaked images and they tell us what we hear is possibly true. The images show the PS3 XMB featuring Facebook, and have been probably posted accidentally by someone. The pictures reveal that the new customization could enable better photo viewing and gamercard color alteration. The images, however, have since been removed in an attempt not to fan more speculations.

With Facebook integration, you will be able to alter your gamer card colors and even more. These may be believed to be efforts aimed at making the PS3 platform more social. What we learn is that the PS3 console might go in for a drastic alteration and bring in a new Cross Media Bar with Facebook integration.

Though the PS3 maker Sony has not yet confirmed the rumors, it is expected that the Japanese major might take a look at what’s happening around it in the social networking space. It is a known fact that social media has already caught the eye of Microsoft and Nintendo already. Sony is sure to follow suit and integration of Facebook seems to be just coming in.

(Via Scrawlfx)

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