Dell joins the android bandwagon with the new Dell Mini 3 smartphone

November 13, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Dell Mini 3i

Dell today announced their entry into the smartphone market with their Dell Mini 3 smartphones. Dell has agreements with multiple telecom giants around the world to ease their entry into the market. The 3G-capable smartphone will run on Google’s  increasingly popular Android operating system and they will be released shortly in China through China Mobile and Brazil on carrier Clamo later on. Since Dell has existing agreements with AT&T and Verizon, it won’t be much further from release in North America and Europe.

While Dell hasn’t officially announced any specs, avoiding the question that the information will be available on a “partner-by-partner” basis once the device is available in stores. A chinese blogger was able to get his hands on a Mini 3i and unbox it a little before Dell’s official announcement. Here is what we were able to learn.

The box itself carries the slogan “the world’s most compact Dell” and it seems to be right as the phone comes in a rather slim oval shaped body measuring 58x122x11.7mm and weighing only 103 grams. The 3.5 inch 360×640 capacitive touch screen is supplemented by a special stylus to help with the writing. It is also said to have handwriting recognition and multi-touch features. The Chinese version will be running on the Chinese Ophone variant of the Android and will not have 3G support while the Brazilian Mini 3 will have 3G support.

The innovative design of the Dell Mini 3i looks cool and it marks the entry of another giant into the ultra-competitive market.

Dell Mini 3i box

Source : Dell Via Engadget

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