Lenovo smartbook to be on show at CES in January, to arrive on AT&T

November 12, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Lenovo has finally confirmed that it will be showcasing its new smartbook at the Consumer Electronics Show which is to get underway in January. To be powered by Qualcomm’s embedded, ARM-based Snapdragon processor, the smartbook had been widely discussed for quite a while now, but there were no confirmed dates as to when it would arrive.

With the new announcement, interest has picked up with regard to the new netbook. However, the sad part is that Lenovo has stopped short of revealing anything more than the launch occasion. This means, you will have to wait for a bit more to know what’s on the pricing front and what it will be known as.

From what we hear, the smartbook will use an ARM processor and a non-Windows operating system. This has been, in fact, revealed by Qualcomm chief executive Paul Jacobs.

AT&T will be the carrier on which the smartbook will find customers. Meanwhile, we are forced to believe that the Lenovo smartbook will not be the first such netbook. Freescale has said it has already started shipping its smartbook which has been built in association with Sharp. Now with CES approaching, we expect the smartbook market to gain momentum soon.

(Via PCMag)

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