ikee worm on the prowl; targets jail-broken Apple iPhones

November 9, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

ikee worm

It is called the ‘ikee’ and is out to infect Apple iPhones. First reports of the worm say that the ikee is on the prowl in Australia and that it could leap boundaries to be anywhere. Though the current version is not very harmful, it is feared that more dangerous variants could soon be seen bombarding iPhones.

The most vulnerable would be the jail-broken handsets, it is believed. Jail-broken phones are at risk as Apple’s protection mechanisms would not be present in such handsets owning to the fact that users of these devices customize the phone to run any software.

From what we learn, the ikee is a self-propagating program that quickly transforms the iPhone’s wallpaper to a picture of 80s’ singer Rick Astley. A message that reads, “ikee is never going to give you up” pops up as soon as the picture changes. The use of Rick’s picture lures users into clicking on what they believe is a relevant link. The worm takes over from there and thus leaves your iPhone infected.

It has been found that Aussie hacker Ashley Towns is behind the ikee worm and he claims that the worm was created as part of his effort aimed at raising the issue of security! In effect, Towns has released full source code of four existing variants of this worm and is feared to spur more variants that would come with more potent attacks.

What becomes clear now is that users who jail-break their iPhones to get more than what Apple offers have been rendered stupid as they are falling easy targets to ikee. Hope people understand, at least now!

(Via BBCNews)

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