Verizon Christmas ads place iPhone in Island of Misfit Toys

November 8, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

verizon ad

Deficient! That’s what Verizon has prefers to call it. If you haven’t yet seen the new advertisements put out by Verizon in time for the Christmas season, you may check them out on Verizon’s YouTube page. It seems like Verizon has gone the whole hog attacking the iPhone! In fact, it’s the iPhone carrier AT&T that has come under major fire.

A second watch of the slew of ads makes it clear that the attacks are not aimed at the iPhone as such. It is the carrier that is being ridiculed. While the ad says the iPhone is a fantastic smartphone, it adds that the iPhone has been attached to a terrible carrier with poor 3G coverage!

Set in an imaginary Island of Misfit Toys, the new bevy of ads says that the island is inhabited by utterly useless devices that never work. Complete with the depiction of maps and misfit toys, the ads come as a rude shock in these pre-Christmas days.

This strategy could also mean that the iPhone is very much on Verizon’s list, though not during this Christmas season. We are now forced to believe that Verizon definitely has iPhone on its radar. The soft approach on iPhone and the blatant attack on its carrier show this. It is most likely that iPhone might be on Verizon by the third quarter of 2010. The grapevine already has it that 4G is being tested on Verizon’s network and that talks of the iPhone 4G have gained momentum.

(Via CNetNews)

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