Honda Skydeck Concept, Still Theoretical

November 4, 2009, By Alex Ion

Honda Skydeck Concept 1

The Honda Skydeck Concept has been introduced at this year Tokyo Motor Show as a six-seat MPV Hybrid meant for the future. Hence why, given the success it had with people stopping by to know more about it, we’d be assuming that the vehicle would, at least, be considered for production sometime soon. But not if you ask the Japanese manufacturer who said that the Honda Skydeck is just a theoretical pure concept, for now.

The details about Skydeck are scarce, but we managed to find out that it might be built on the Insight’s hybrid formula, will have this shovel scoop grille inspired from the CR-Z coupe and would feature flamboyant scissor-type doors with a wing-open design. On top of that there’s a minimalist interior stripped down to its most fundamental features that are meant to show us how the future will look, and by looking at it … it’s bright.

So how about you take the wraps of the new Honda Skydeck Concept guys. We’d like to get behind the wheel of this sleek minivan.

[via Product-Reviews]

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