Sony Ericsson Rachael video demo shows off an awesome UI

November 1, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


On November 3, 2009, that is a few hours from now, Sony Ericsson is expected to officially announce its Rachael smartphone. For those who came in late, Rachael has earlier been known in a variety of names such as Rachel, XPERIA X3 and X10 and Infinity. Whatever the name is, the device is all set to debut. The countdown has begun.

The news of the unveiling follows close on the heels of a video demo — the second in fact — of the Sony Ericsson Rachael’s UI. From what we see, it looks like the Android smartphone is sure to be an awesome device to pick.

The Sony Ericsson Rachael smartphone is expected to arrive armed with a touchscreen and would be presented by the phone maker in a super-slim, curvaceous shell. Rachael will boast of a new media playback interface on an 854 x 480 display. Remember, you read about a similar display when Verizon DROID by Motorola was reviewed. What Sony Ericsson has added more capabilities with regard to improved album management, photo browsing and video play back. These are in fact unique to the Rachael when compared with the basic Android stuff.

We already know that the smartphone would have an 8 mega pixel camera, a 4-inch WVGA display and a 1Ghz snapdragon processor. The Rachael will house 32GB of internal memory, which would also provide the option of being expanded using a microSD card. These details have been provided a few days ago. Now that we know a little bit of what Sony Ericsson would bring to us with the Rachael, we guess it would be fair on our part to just wait for a couple of hours more to know what it really offers.

(Via Slashgear)

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