Motorola LS700, LS420 Duo, LS720D Duo, LS1000 and LS1000W digital photo frames debut in Europe

October 30, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Europe has got the first taste of Motorola’s brand new line of digital photo frames. Rolled out right in time for the holiday season, the new digital frames unveiled include models by the names of LS700, LS420 Duo, LS720D Duo, LS1000, and LS1000W.

The LS700 comes packaged as a 7-inch basic digital photo frame and boasts of a cool 480 x 234 resolution. Motorola has attached a price tag of £49.99 with this model. Meanwhile, the LS420 Duo comes with dual screens of 4.2-inch width. It has been built in such a way that while one screen can display a calendar, the other can have a picture. It can also be used to display photos in both the screens. Selling for £79.99, the LS420 Duo screens have a resolution of 234 x 202.

Another model in the range is the LS720D Duo, which gain is a dual screen device. Hover, much better than the LS420 Duo, this model has 7-inch screens and comes with resolutions of 800 x 480. Internal memory specs read 512MB for the LS720D Duo. On the pricing front, Motorola will sell it for £129.99.

The LS1000, yet another model unveiled, boasts of a 10-inch frame with 800 x 600 resolution. This model also is equipped with 512MB of internal memory and sells for £149.99. One addition to this model is that it has an additional feature in the form of a remote control.

Meanwhile, Motorola has added more than what we expected in its LS1000W model. Complete with a 10-inch frame, the LS1000W has integrated Wi-Fi and can send and receive photos via email sans a PC. The 512MB internal memory feature has also been incorporated. Motorola will sell it for £199.99.

(Via Slashgear)

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