Nintendo DSi LL ready for roll out on Nov 21; Japan to get it first

October 29, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nintendo will start shipping its DSi LL to Japan on November 21, 2009, with the promise of a better gaming experience bolstered by stronger Net experience, better media playback and low-cost games. The announcement by Nintendo comes as a confirmation to the rumors that had been flying around for quite a while now.


The DSi LL comes with added screen space. The company is said to have upped width by more than an inch to 4.2 inches. To cost around $221, the added screen width would help in offering better Internet access as well as ease in gaming. Post-Japan launch, Nintendo is expected to take the model to the US.

To arrive in hues of dark brown, white and wine red, Nintendo has deployed better a powerful battery set, which is expected to keep your gaming experience to at least 3 hours on a stretch.

The launch confirmation comes as a consolation after setbacks for Nintendo following the price cut strategies by PS3 and Xbox 360. The gaming major now has a strong contender capable of even giving Apple’s iPod a run for its money. As you would realize, Apple’s device is more expensive. Adding to the lure of the new Nintendo DSi LL is the presence of the built-in DSi web browser, a dictionary and two Brain Age games. What more are you looking for?

(Via Electronista)

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