Google OneBox US OnlyMusic Service Goes Public

October 29, 2009, By Atul Roach

Google OneBox Music Search

Apple is the current behemoth when it comes to comparing the online music market with 70% legal downloads but the picture could soon change as Google has gone live with its OneBox music service. Limited to the US shores only, OneBox is a service where you can find music and buy it online. The service is a result of an alliance with music sites Lala and the MySpace owned iLike. The site enables people to find music using parts of lyrics, song titles and artists while it will also stream popular tracks. Once searched, the tracks could then be downloaded to an MP3 player

OneBox combines the best of Spotify and iLike and Google wants to throw behind its own online experience to see OneBox through as a successful project. Google is aware that Microsoft also tried hard with its Zune but it never succeeded in challenging the Apple might.

Google is in the all conquering mood as it has also taken on the satellite navigation world with its free turn-by-turn app which will be compatible with Android 2.0. Such is the impact of this new app that shares for other players from this territory namely – Garmin and TomTom have already started plummeting.

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