Verizon Droid release postponed, Droid Eris to be second smartphone in Droid series

October 27, 2009, By Thomas Antony

The mobile world was stirred by news of the upcoming release of Verizon’s Motorola Droid smartphone running on Android 2.0 “Eclair”. It was originally announced to be released on October 28, but it has now been postponed to November 6th. Verizon has been keeping the hype up on the Droid with its various iPhone spoof ads (“Everything iDon’t. Droid does.”). While no price has been officially announced, it is rumoured that it will be priced at $200 like the iPhone and will come with a 2 year contract. The Droid boasts Android 2.0 OS with an impressive 3.75 inch touchscreen, and comes with a 16GB microSD for storage.

HTC Desire

A few days ago, news came out that Droid will not be a single phone, but a series of Verizon android handsets. The first of course, will be ‘the’ Droid, detailed above. The second one will be the Droid Eris AKA HTC Desire. Interestingly, Eris, is the Greek Goddess of strife. In all likelihood, the Droid Eris will be released, not announced, on November 6th itself. A pre-production model was obtained by BoyGeniusReport and was also shown in Verizon’s own DroidDoes campaign. It has already been added at GDGT ( More details on Eris and a possible 3rd member of the Droid series, the Motorola Calgary, after the cut.

It is supposed to be really fast, sized similar to the Sprint Hero and sports the awesome Sense UI. It will have a 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreen, WiFi, GPS, but no hardware keyboard. The device has the code-name HTC-Desire and it was under that name, that it received FCC approval last month. It is not known how much Verizon is going to charge for the phone. The Droid series is rumoured to have a third member, the Motorola Calgary.

The specs of the Calgary are still a mystery, but it will reportedly have a slideout keyboard like the original Droid, but will have a smaller, lower resolution screen than the Droid. It is expected to become the mid-range or entry-level version of the Droid.

Droid Eris

Droid Eris Shown Off

Source: Gadgetophilia

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