Sony Ericsson Rachael Android Phone Confirmed for a November 3 Release

October 27, 2009, By Atul Roach

Sony Ericsson-Rachael-Xperia-X10-Releasing-November 3

Sony Ericsson has lagged far behind in the race of smartphones but, this holiday season, just like the Motorola with the Droid, it is seeking its revival. Sony Ericsson will release the Rachael better known as the Xperia X10 on November 3, which is its first Google OS based smartphone.

A lot of confusion about the original Rachael does exist but we believe that the handset arriving in November is an Android baby and therefore it is the Xperia X10. What also confirms X10 being the Rachael is an official brochure leak from Sony Ericsson.

The brochure hints at a November 3 release date of a product that will come with an 8MP camera blessed with 1080p. Sadly 1080p does not relate to video recording but it is the ability of the 8MP camera that can be set on full HD.

The Racheal will come with a 4-inch WVGA display and an express fast 1Ghz snapdragon processor. Also, there will be 32GB of internal memory available which could be expanded using a microSD card.

Sony Ericsson is keen to cross the extraordinary line with its magical Xperia X10 and we wish them all the happiness in their endeavor!

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