Nintendo to release 4” screen DSi before end of the year

October 27, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Nintendo DSi Blue

According to reports from the Japanese Nikkei newspaper, Nintendo is planning to introduce a new version of its DSi handheld console, which will replace the existing systems with 3.25” screens with larger 4” screen versions. The new version of the handheld will be priced same as the older console at ¥18900 ( ~ $205.50 ).

The report appeared on the Tuesday’s morning edition of the Nikkei Shimbun , and became hot news across Japan. According to GameLife‘s summary of the report, the new versions of the handheld are in response to complaints from older users who were having difficulties seeing the action on the smaller screen. The original article also mentions a possible increase in resolution of the screen, by saying games and apps can display more info on screen. It is not clear if that is the intended message or whether it was a confusion in terminology. Nikkei has had a good track record with Nintendo news reports, such as when it had earlier reported about a camera/music player upgrade for the DS. Nintendo hasn’t substantiated the rumours, commenting that “we don’t respond to rumors.”.

The Nintendo DSi in its current form will be having its first birthday, this upcoming November 1st and if Nikkei is right, it is all set for a growth spurt. As is Nintendo’s habit, we will probably be waiting a long time for this upgrade to be released overseas.

Nintendo DSi Black

[Via Joystiq]

Japanese Source: Nikkei

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