Ares IX launch updates – Liftoff successful!

October 27, 2009, By Thomas Antony

NASA’s first test flight in their Ares launch vehicle development program is slated to lift off around 30 minutes from now. The Ares I-X is the tallest rocket in existence today , at 327 feet tall and weighing 1.8 million pounds, and not since the 1970’s has a rocket this large rolled out of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building ( VAB ). It is outdone only by the Saturn V rockets ( 363 feet tall ) which were used in the Apollo moon missions.

Ares I-X on pad

You can see a live feed of the launch here: NASATV WMV feed
More feed resolutions and formats here: NASATV

Launch Updates below the cut.

27-Oct-2009 Update : Launch Scrubbed due to clouds and wind conditions outside prescribed constrains. Will try again tomorrow.

After weather delayed liftoff from the targetted time of 12 noon GMT, currently targetted launch time is 1508 GMT ( around 20 minutes from now ) . Clouds still posing a problem for the launch and hopefully it will clear .

Update: After further delays, weather is finally green . New Launch time is 1530 GMT. Countdown has resumed at T-4 minutes

Update : Liftoff!!!

Update: Burnout!

Update : First stage chutes deployed

Update : Upper stage splashdown confirmed

Ares I-X on pad - 02

Ares I-X sunset

See more here: NASA Ares I-X gallery

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