Sony Ericsson Equinox 3G phone to debut on T-Mobile on October 28, 2009

October 26, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Sony Ericsson, along with T –Mobile, will bring in a new 3G phone christened Equinox, in just a few hours from now.  The new Sony Ericsson Equinox will debut as a stylish device with features such as Night Effects, capabilities for interactive 3G and built-in GPS.

To officially hit the market place on October 28, 2009, we think we might be among the first to pick one owing to the fact that its pulsating night effects would help us not miss even a single call or text message. We are just waiting to know on what price tag the company would attach to the Equinox.

The Sony Ericsson Equinox  will come loaded with GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 networks and HSDPA 2100/1700 networks support. The device would arrive in a variety of shades, such as Amber, Sapphire, Beryl, Diamond, and Amethyst. As a plus, a wide range of wall paper themes would also be offered so as to aid in color coordination.

With a main screen of 2.2-inches, the Equinox would boast of a 240 x 320 resolution. You will also be able to capture and post videos directly to YouTube, thanks to the 3.2 megapixel camera that comes with a built-in app that helps in such functions. The Equinox will also have built-in Bluetooth and FM tuner features.

All we now need to know is the pricing of the stylish phone. In a few hours from now, we will get to know that too.

(via Slashgear)

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