Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth Headset with Progressive Noise Filtering

October 26, 2009, By Atul Roach

Bluetooth headsets are not a specialty anymore but they sure are important accessories as they save us the hassle of using the phone. What is though important is that we choose a quality yet affordable product and the just out Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth headset with progressive noise filtering fits the bracket.

Samsung WEP470

Affordable for its costs a modest $39.95 (retail price) and quality because it bears a Samsung logo. As far as the amazon pricing goes, the WEP470 bears a price tag of $21.48 and Woot lists it even lower at $19.99.

The WEP470 features automatic volume control along with ambient noise filtering and echo cancellation technology. It is good enough for 6 hours of talking which is free of background noises. For user simplicity it features an on/off switch and detachable crystal clear earhook.

It measures 43×19×11 mm and weighs 11.5 grams which means that it is a device that can be easily pocketed and it will never feel heavy on your ear. To add to the ear comfort, the ear piece on the inside is coated in thin rubber making it a hassle free device. For some phones, this device even exempts you from entering the PIN to parry the device. [via: Khurak]

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